COVER - Kanaan Pitan

Shipping end of November


Lockdown was bigger than our personal issues. Devastating events like the brutal murder of George Floyd as well as the weeks of protesting are an example of that. Media, as flawed as it can be, helped spread the word and get us more involved all across the word. Black Lives Matter became greater than the Americans, the rest of the world joined in and rightfully so, as racism exists everywhere. The internet was our GQ for all of this. It's beautiful to know that in times of strife, we can all come together for one cause.

Many lessons were learned from the Black Lives Matter movement, lessons we are still learning, issues we're still trying to get justice for. Everyone could see crystal clear the injustice and what privilege meant. There is no way back now and moving  forward it will be just impossible not to have a more diverse and include society.



Kanaan Pitan - Print Edition