Cover Model Connor Swindells by Eddie Blagbrough

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Photography - Eddie Blagbrough

Talent - Connor Swindells

PR - Public Eye Communications

Fashion Editor - Andre Deveaux



Words - Alice Harrison / Marcio Delgado

Hair - Sandra Hadi

MUA - Helen Brady

Editor / Art Director - Claudio Harris

Fashion Director - Michael Rathbone

Art Design - Joseph Benoit



"Only within collective and ethical work, we can learn from the past to change the future of our planet in a sustainable manner.” (Viviane Adami)


With this quote, I present to you the topic of our ninth issue of Lewis' magazine, our Spring Summer 2020 Edition: sustainability.


Sustainability is the topic on everyone's mouth nowadays, and for me, our AW18 edition titled 'Plastic Kills,' was a turning point in my view of production in the fashion world. LEWIS worked closely with Greenpeace, aiming to raise awareness about plastic consumption and its colossal effects on the environment. Thus, kickstarting us down this journey.


LEWIS Magazine is present in many platforms, followed by thousands, and as such, it has the power to bring forth matters of social and political nature, not just fashion. Better yet, we can blend these topics together to form a critical piece of art. The lack of coverage and interest of other brands on the matter propelled LEWIS to do just this, starting in 'Plastic Kills," and now... it is impossible for us to go back; to accept a version of fashion that does not hold itself responsible for the environment and the people that carry out their work.


Hence, we are changing the way our content is presented. A more political view on the origin of products and fabrics is being undertaken, questioning the sustainability of the modern fashion industry - raising questions such as "who made my clothes?"


The big majority of products and brands featured on this issue were made ethically and sourced sustainably, we are supporting new sustainable brands, and had our main editorials from NY, London and Rio made all from Vintage Clothing.


I hope you can see the small difference we are making and that inspires you as well.


Claudio Harris


Presenting Connor Swindells, Marcus Butler, Johnny Massaro, Diego Miguel, Patrick Topping, Alice D, Pablo Morais, Carne Doce and many more.

Connor Swindells - Print Edition