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Tyde Levi Finds A Hideaway In His New Song ‘AAA

The Melbourne-based artist is letting everyone know, that he is not someone to miss. In between writing sessions in London and LA while opening up for his brother Troye Sivan on the China leg of the Bloom Tour, Tyde is finally set to release new music. With his latest single ‘AAA’-, which premiered on Thursday night on Levi’s Youtube Channel, the social media star turned singer/ songwriter is finally breaking into his own.

By David Paul

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“There were a couple things in my life that just weren't going the way I thought they would. That’s always a tough battle to have.” The Perth popstar, who mostly recharges his energy in a recording studio in London, ads-  “A lot of things had built up inside me and I just wanted to get out of there, so I wrote’ AAA’, a song about being in love and running away. Getting as far away from all the things that could trouble someone in today’s world and falling so deeply in love that it doesn't even matter that you left everything you know.”

Singing “Wondering how long we can hide from time, if you get lost in my head you might have to stay the night” - With a new lover on his side, Tyde urges to forget all his worries for at least a moment. The mid tempo beat combined with a catchy electro guitar riff, underlines the track perfectly, giving the song Levi’s signature 'left of centre' pop feel to it.

The musician, who celebrated his 20th birthday last month, stumbled first on the music scene in 2018, with his highly R&B influenced self- titled EP. The release included the tracks ‘Glodchain’, ‘Sober’ and ‘Champaign’ earning the popstar a cumulation of over 2 million streams on Spotify. ‘AAA’ follows ‘Flying so High’ (written and produced by Jacob Attwooll and Jon Eyden) and serves as his second publication from Levi’s upcoming music project which will be launched later this year. Both of the songs show a more darker and mature persona to Tyde’s musical catalog, exploring his transition into adulthood.

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