Thames 21

Thames21 is the voice for London’s waterways, working with communities to improve rivers and canals for people and wildlife.

Thames21 runs the Big Bottle Count in conjunction with the #OneLess campaign

which encourages people to use refillable bottles and calls for more water fountains to be put in place around London

The riverbed is often a place of sanctuary; a place to go, to ponder. However, our riverbeds, particularly on the Thames are becoming drastically polluted, losing any semblance of their original, tranquil self.

We walk a tight line; balancing between the murky waters and the masses of plastic items that end up washed up on the shore.

Thames21, a mobilising voice for London’s waterways is trying to bring this issue home; highlighting the amount of devastation that plastic pollution can cause on our doorsteps.

“When that old river runs past your eyes To wash off the dirt on the riverside Go to the water so every near The river will be your eyes and ears” Agnes Obel - Riverside

What can you do?


- Nearly half of the 10% of single-use plastic bottles found by our TRW project are water. Yet there is nothing wrong with tap water, making refillable bottles a must.

-  Don’t flush wet wipes and use alternatives

-  Join Thames21 clean ups or sign up to train as Thames River Watch litter


-  Make the decision to support clean-ups and donate to their crowdfunding pages to

stop OUR rivers choking on plastic. This will help Thames21 to continue their campaigning work which has allowed them to reach 173 million people in two years.

Find more information about what you can do to help at: