Presley River

Feels Unaffiliated in his new song “SAVE MY LIFE”

Talent Presley River

Words David Paul

When you type in Presley River in the search bar, you may come across pictures of the late King of Rock Elvis Presley, but not for long, because this London based artist is on the cusp of stardom. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in New York where he began playing guitar and writing songs over the past few years. With his signature California Indie Pop Blues, the 25 year old singer/ songwriter gained a following of 24,6 on social media only. Now he is back with his most personal track to date.

“I search through time and space/ And I just can't replace/ What I thought I once had/ What's now gone and drives me mad - sings Presley in his new song “Save My Life”, which came out today. - "I wrote this song in Utrecht, Netherlands while I was touring Europe last year. I wrote the song all at once. It took me about 30 minutes.” - shares the singer about the writing process of the new track.

“Save My Life” starts with a haunting repetitive guitar intro until it meets Presley’s vocals, which gives the song some kind of gravity and a feeling of nostalgia.

“The opening line is sort of tongue and cheek “home is where I wanna be, free is a lie and a dream” because at that time home was wherever I wanted it to be”. - add’s the young musician. The song builds up to a big chorus by adding more instruments, where Presley shows off his high falsetto, reminding one of an early John Mayer era influence.

In an early interview with us, Presley shared how his modelling past has influenced his career of a recording artist - “I find that traveling is a huge part of the creative process for me. I can't really stay in one place for too long. I was sort of built for the road. That's where I feel most comfortable.”

Presley River made his musical debut in December of last year with the release of his EP “The War Years” which he toured all around the world. Now this indie artist is ready to release another body of work later this year. One thing is for sure, we will definitely hear more from this thriving talent.

Presley River ‘snew song “SAVE MY LIFE” is out now. Listen to his music on Spotify