Meet Tom Walker

For #LEWISMagazinePride we decided to go back to our community to lay out a truthful representation of the people behind the pictures. We wanted to acknowledge that sexuality is a part of you but does not define you as a person.

Meet 21 year old fitness and festival lover Tom Walker from Manchester, whose passion of food makes him travel the world to try out various native dishes. (like Thai Green Curry). 

Talent - Tom Walker

Represented - Emilia Models

Photography - Claudio Harris

(Shot via FaceTime) respecting social distance guidelines.

Words -David Paul

“I’m a really creative person and I would always be drawing and sketching even through school classes. That took me in the direction of architecture and design. I’ve recently started doing fashion illustrations for people during lockdown and find it relaxing to take my mind away.” 

“For me Pride it's not just a one time a year thing. Pride stays with me all the time in my own way as I continue to learn more about myself, grow, and love the person I am. I think mainly it’s a time to focus attention and shine more of a light on equality and acceptance for all.”