Meet Oliver Wheeler

Meet London based model and dancer Ollie from Somerset.

For #LEWISMagazinePride we decided to go back to our community to lay out a truthful representation of the people behind the pictures. We wanted to acknowledge that sexuality is a part of you but does not define you as a person.

On Ollie’s day off he practices yoga, talks to his Mum, drinks endless cups of coffee and takes a nap. (or watches Home Alone 2, while eating white chocolate)

Talent - Oliver Wheeler

Represented - W Model Mgmt

Photography - Claudio Harris

(Shot via FaceTime) respecting social distance guidelines.

Words -David Paul

“Growing up I was always performing and I was lucky to be able to pursue a dream and train as a professional dancer. Hard work does pay off and I’ve had some incredible experiences in my career. “

“Pride to me promotes equality. It’s the freedom to accept and allow who you are without prejudice. 

 Love who you love and be who you are, because that is okay and that should be celebrated.”