Meet Ettore Larsen

London based artist and his great body of work.

Talent - Ettore Larsen

Photography - Claudio Harris

Ettore was shot via Facetime respecting Social Distance Guidelines.

"My work is rather figurative, often centered around the representation of the male figure. With a romantic and minimalistic approach, I intend to illustrate male beauty in the softest way possible. Whether my art can be considered erotic or not, I suppose it depends on the perspective of the viewer, but I personally find myself very comfortable working in that grey area".

"I’m deeply interested in the way art influences your emotions, and therefore I enjoy working with colors that make people feel calm and at ease - so I tend to use cream, natural and earthy tones. Growing up on an island almost in the middle of nowhere, I developed a keenness for slow living and I like to think of my art as an extension of my relaxed character".

"I find inspiration in vintage magazines, in Almodovar movies and in people - whether that is my closest friends or lovers or strangers. My vision and my work is pretty much the fusion of these".