Meet Barnaby Quarendon

London based model and dancer.

For #LEWISMagazinePride we decided to go back to our community to lay out a truthful representation of the people behind the pictures. We wanted to acknowledge that sexuality is a part of you but does not define you as a person.

Meet 22 year old Barnaby Quarendon from London, who is a true lover of his mother’s cuisine (I mean who isn’t) and a passionate Elisabeth Moss stan. 

Words - David Paul

Talent - Barnaby Quarendon

Represented - W Model Mgmt

Photography - Claudio Harris

(Shot via FaceTime) respecting social distance guidelines.

“Growing up my favourite thing to do was dance! No matter where or when if you ever spotted me I would probably be moving. When I have a day off I love to see my mates. We usually go for a cycle to the park or head to the pub, get a pint in and chat about anything and everything.”

“Pride means a lot to me. Not only is it a celebration of love, It is also a time to reflect and appreciate the incredible people and events that changed our society. This has allowed us to celebrate in the way we do today. For someone who was insecure about their sexuality, pride gave me hope. It showed me how supportive people were and how important it was to love yourself.”