Autumn / Winter 2020 Collection

MÜNN is based in Seoul, creating a collection every season incorporating a philosophy of Defamiliariza- tion. Experimenting multiple ways of proposing new looks such as constructing different methods of pattern cutting, detail and fabric etc.

This season they got inspired by South Korea’s bitter history of the Korean War which happened back in 1950, gaining inspiration to produce a collection from the images and documentaries of the refugees and extreme moments that occurred during that time.

MÜNN started by looking into the field of sustainable and conscious fashion, as well as incorporating design ideas from Hanbok (Korean Traditional clothing). In relation to this particular collection, the neckties and scarf that have been produced have been made by using materials from leftover, unused scraps of silks. Bags have also been designed using materials from old tyres and coffee bean bags. Various other mate- rials, such as recycled denim, rayon and nylon have been blended together with remaining second handed vintage neckties in order to construct a new dress design.

Some of the garments that have been released in our collection may look like leather and fur, however they have been all made by using eco-friendly fabrics and materials. Maintaining the objective of being sustainable and environmentally friendly was the key philosophy that we aimed to achieve in our collection. We hope this collection can inspire and influence our audience to acknowledge the impor- tance of promoting sustainability and actively contribute to create a healthier, greener environment for all.

LFWM AW20 MÜNN Show @munnseoul @wearevillage #lfwm