Lockdown Diaries: Model Zak Combell

As the coronavirus pandemic pummels industries across the globe, it has been a challenging time for a number of people to continue their profession. Especially the arts have suffered a hard hit. From closing galleries and theatres to putting movie productions and photoshoots on hold, creatives all over the world struggle to get their work done. We talked to Model Zak Combell where he opens up how this pandemic has affected his career and private life.

Interview David Paul

Model Zak Combell

Ford Models

Hi Zak, thank you for taking your time for this interview around this weird time. I hope you are safe and healthy.

To start with, how did the epidemic impact your life since the outbreak of the coronavirus?

It impacted how I socialize and communicate with the world, I'm not used to staying inside for this long even though I am lucky to be with my family. The loneliness and boredom is real, the hardest part is to stay productive through this quarantine. It also really puts a hold on every project I had..

What do you do with your new-found free time? Have you rediscovered some old habits or found new hobbies?

I mostly study and try my best to follow school online even though it's not ideal. I fell back in love with gardening with my dad, I also love cooking now that I have time, and I am literally trying any recipe possible haha. My new hobbies are doing puzzles and making Tiktoks, I'm obsessed with this app I could spend hours on it without realizing. I love how creative people are on there, it's hilarious!

Did you come across some positive aspects while being in quarantine?

Yes, I feel like being cut from the outside world is an opportunity for me to grow and change in my own privacy. It's really a time for rebirth. My creativity also came back which is a good thing. I feel inspired by many things.

What do you miss the most since the lockdown?

I miss my family and my friends, physical contact, being social etc... I just miss being around people, taking public transport, it's not the same through a screen. I feel kinda trapped into a virtual world lately since internet is our only source from the outside. And I also really need a haircut haha.

Do you think this time is going to be beneficial for our humanity? I really hope so, I hope it shows people that no matter your social status, race, or gender that we are all in this together, we are all on the same boat. Hopefully it brings more solidarity between people and we can get out of this stronger.

Did your mental health suffer while being in quarantine? Not really, my mental health actually got better, I am feeling stress free from a tons of things that were superficial and I am only realizing it now.

What keeps you bright minded at this time?

Actually, having a lot of free time, I just need to use it productively. Summer is coming soon and even though we still precisely don't know in which conditions it's going to happen, I feel hopeful and excited to at least go out and do basic things , getting back to a new routine and moving into a new era.

What do you say to people who ignore social distancing around this time?

If you don't do this for you, do it for others, don't be sel fish. The virus is real, protect your family and friends by staying inside. It's the least we can do to stop the virus, by doing that you end up saving lives.

What is the thirst thing you’ll do when quarantine is over?

Even though, getting out of quarantine is going to be a step by step process, the first thing I wanna do is walk in the city and see strangers again, I want human interaction back, you know these small talks, I miss that so much.

Any recommendations (movie/ book/ music) to look up?

I have been obsessed with this show Elite, it's a Spanish show on Net flix, it's kind of a mix of Gossip Girl and Big Little Lies, it contains the twist of a murder mystery, I love the actors so much, the characters development is amazing on this show, we watch them grow as we move into new episodes. My favorite songs of the moment are Xs- Rina Sawayama, Catching feelings- Dounia I am obsessed with every song from her and the last one is Oululee Leh- Elyanna, she's an Arabic singer and I am in love with her voice and aesthetic.

Since the start of the epidemic the hashtag #Istayhomefor was making it rounds through social media. My question is, for whom are you staying home for?

I am staying home for my loved ones and the front liners so they can take care of us, a huge thanks to them, they are risking their lives for us and I could not be more grateful.