LEWIS Loves:

Boiler Room CLUB20/20 x Mowalola

By Michael Rathbone

Guess what, It’s still January. After what feels like a lifetime, we are nearly at the end of the most depressing month of the year. What better way to add some excitement to our lives and wardrobes, than a collaboration between legendary underground music curators Boiler Room, and the London based designer everyone is talking about: Mowalola.

Known for her psychedelic, shocking outfits that embody a heady mix of chaos, sex, party and straight- up hedonism, Mowalola has become a designer whose work is synonymous with London’s progressive, queer and POC club scene. In her own words: “I just wanna do hoodrat stuff with my friends.”

To kick off their first ever line of RTW, the independent music platform have tapped Mowalola to create a limited edition T-Shirt, that will be sold exclusively at Selfridges, with the rest of their debut collection dropping at selected stockists throughout the month, before being available at boilerroom.tv from March. To accompany the release, Boiler Room will be throwing a rave in London on February 1st in partnership with Mowalola.

The limited edition T-Shirt will form part of Selfridges' ‘Happy New Decade’ creative campaign, the first of 2020, which plays with “new year new you” tropes as well as presenting unexpected ways to make sure the new Gen-Z ‘20s are roaring, not boring. For the first three months of 2020, Selfridges will focus their energy on making visitors laugh, enjoy and reset.