LEWIS Loves:

The Scandinavian brand offering fast fashion without the environmental impact

By Michael Rathbone

The statement T-Shirt has been at the forefront of many a political fashion statement. But over time, opinions change and people always have something new to say. Scandinavian brand Carlings have created an environmentally friendly solution to this problem, by offering a statement tee that relies on digital technology to make a statement. It’s clear that with the climate crisis looming over their imminent future, generation X have shown the world time and again that they are not afraid of speaking up and making a stand.

"A statement T-Shirt is a way for the voiceless to get their message out there and today, social media allows people to amplify that a thousand times. But social media also makes statement T-shirts even more of a one-off purchase. So we worked on how to extend the environmental impact of a single t-shirt through digital innovation," said Ronny Mikalsen, CEO Carlings.

The Last Statement T-shirt features a graphical logo designed to serve as a tracking point for a smartphone. Using Spark AR, the technology behind Instagram's face filters and stickers, the phone can then digitally superimpose new designs on to the T-shirt. It can even adjust the image to align with the movement and drapes of the shirt. Customers can choose between a selection of animated statements, continuously updated to reflect daily news and current topics. So every day, the t-shirt can display a new statement and design to get themessage out there on Instagram — without ever having to buy another physical t-shirt. The first instalment of the project will feature 4 designs, with 16 new ones added by mid January.

"The Last Statement T-shirt is just the first example of how digital augmentation and alteration will shape tomorrow's fashion industry. Customization and personalization are two of today's biggest trends. We are curious about how this technology could allow us to invite our customers into the design process, giving items a digital afterlife post-purchase”, said Ronny Mikalsen, CEO Carlings.

The Last Statement T-Shirt is available now at www.carlings.com and costs €39,90 (€10 of every shirt is to be donated to Wateraid).