Art director Lauro Samblás and photographer/director Juanmi Márquez and their team presents GHOSTS.

We learn to be leaving a gap, a space, a void, but: What is the distance that separates us from ourselves? Is it measured in light years? In degrees Fahrenheit? Maybe in miles? Or in pulsations? We compulsively try to fill that void and we consume everything, the mountains, the animals, the air, the forests, the rivers and people. Here before there was a sea, before there was a deer, before the sun slipped through the crack of the door, before there was someone in love, before there was a planet, before a handkerchief tied around the neck, before the red and green and a heart. But we have devoured everything. We devour the world and leave a desert where the other appears. The other is only you following you, you and your shadow, you and the one who imitates you, you and the certainty that we are alone, that it is impossible to be with anyone other than yourself, that every bridge is ultimately a resounding drill. The other that serves to protect you from the rest as if the rest were rain, the other that saves you from getting wet, from being here and now, from getting involved. We touch a screen a thousand times a day but we are unable to put a hand on our neighbor's shoulder once. We have become ghosts that long ago ceased to inhabit the Earth to move to other worlds that only exist in our heads. Islands that float without banks. Made-up places of impossible access. We don't want anyone to come. Because we are wounds incompatible with life.

Direction & Edition: Cristian Velasco @cristianvelasco__

Photography Direction: Juanmi Márquez @juanmimarquez

Art Direction: Lauro Samblás@lauro_samblas

Text: Roy Galán@roygalan

Hair & Makeup: Elios De Elias

Cast: masQmoda Canarias@masqmodacanarias

Music: karim Tilouni

Voice: Daniel Rush

Art Project: CMAD Laboratory@ciudades_moda