Mother Agency FOMO is fighting for more Inclusivity

FOMO Real Cast

Words David Paul

Beauty- as we speak, is in the eye of the beholder, but for years this image has been manufactured into a high standard and lack of authenticity. Even though, some strides have been made to create a more diverse outlook, there is still a sore spot in fashion when it comes to race, sexuality or body image. Now the Mother Agency FOMO is finally making the much needed step for change - so, we will never have to fear of missing someone out. 

The agency FOMO , who recently worked with brands like Versace, Burberry, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Armani,( just to name a few) are scouting new faces and placing them with model agencies around the world. Now, they have just announced their groundbreaking move to open up their catalog, looking for real people instead of picture perfect models. “ For years now the fashion industry has been banging the drum for diversity but never going beyond the obvious, so here is our very own platform, the most open board of young, old, big, small, boy, girl, they, disability, able bodied, black, white, and other faces for consideration. “  announces the CEO of FOMO Robert Wilson in an statement made hours ago.. - “We launched Fomo Realcast as a response to this demand in the market and to give everyone the opportunity to appear in advertising and TV shows.”

This addition will allow clients to find fresh and diverse talents for their campaigns, photoshoots and magazine covers. “We love helping others and have always championed those who not necessarily part of mainstream. I see the beauty in everyone, and the world would be boring place if we all looked the same.” - adds Wilson. This crucial step hits a time, where there is a huge cry for visibility in our culture, when it comes to to embracing diversity. This move will not only help to mirror the world as it is, but also hopefully broaden society’s definition of beauty.