Cody Simpson On Becoming Prince Neptune


Talent Cody Simpson

Prince Neptune

By David Paul

It’s been over a decade when a then 12 - year old Cody Simpson first arrived in the entertainment industry with his debut single ‘iYiY’ featuring Flo Rida. Since then a lot of things have changed for the Australian singer/ songwriter. He made his acting debut on Broadway in 2018, started his own record label ‘Coast House’ and started dating pop princess Miley Cyrus. Now by publishing a full collection of poems and prose under the name ‘Prince Neptune’ the 23- year old can add the title of poet to his resume. We got a chance to talk to the singer about his writing debut, his inspirations and new music. 

Hi Cody, thank you for taking your time to do this interview with us. 

First off, we are used to getting to know you as a singer, but  since 2016 you started posting poems under the name Prince Neptune on Instagram @princeneptunepoet.

What made you decide to switch genres and publish your wok in this kind of format?

I’ve been writing poetry since I was young. I began writing poetry at the same time I started writing songs. To me, poetry and music are often synonymous art forms and this collection felt like the most honest representation of myself and my mind of anything I’ve released into the world. Poetry is just as important to me as music and I couldn’t be prouder to establish myself as a writer in this way.

What is the biggest difference in writing poetry in contrast to writing a song?

Songwriting requires the submission to certain structures and formats whereas poetry, especially the ‘stream of consciousness’ style in which I write, is much more fluid and freeform. There’s more freedom in poetry than in songwriting.

What is the story behind your poet name‚ Prince Neptune‘?

Prince Neptune is an alter-ego, the son of Neptune, the god of the sea in Greek and Roman mythology. I explore themes of mythology in my work and am extremely interested in it so I wanted to create a pen-name that reflected that.

Looking at your work, how come water, the ocean and everything that goes along with it, is so permanent in your writing?

I grew up a competitive swimmer and a surfer, alongside the ocean in Australia. And now live by the beach in California. It has been a constant source of inspiration for me and is an inherent part of my work! 

What are some motivations behind the lines in this book?

Nature, rebellion, freedom, anti-consumerism, love and romance. 

Which poem in this collection is the dearest to your heart?

Man has never discovered new islands in previously charted waters’

Are the poems that you posted on Instagram going to be included in the book?

Yes! Along with many other unreleased poems!

What can fans expect from your poetry & prose debut?

I wanted this book to read like my notebook, as though you were flipping through the pages of a notebook I’d written. And so I’d hope to share much of myself and my mind with my audience through this book.

I feel like some people will be mad if we don’t ask you this question: Is there new music on the horizon?

Much much sooner than you think!

You can order Cody Simpson’s aka Prince Neptune’s full collection of ‘Poetry and Prose’ under this link