Beautiful Unconsciousness

Photographer Nona Duch and stylists Andrea Peris y Maria Sendra presents model Paul Wesigwa.

Nona and Paul met at work, he is a model and she is a professional photographer for a large company. Nona says that from the first moment she fell in love with Paul's features. Paul felt most relaxed and comfortable with her, so they decided to create a personal project on their own. Unconscious Beauty was born in Nona's house. They decided to call it this way, since they found beauty in the midst of a fast, cold and crowded work environment. This work together is the result of the infatuation at work and now there is this beautiful link between Nona and Paul that will last forever.

Vest: Pringle of Scotland

JUMPER: Polo Ralph Lauren

VEST: Pringle of Scotland

HAT: Topshop

SCARF: Anthropologie

T-shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren

Vintage Piece

Photography: Nona Duch @nonaduch

Styling: Andrea Peris y Maria Sendra @isnotverycool

Model: Paul Wesigwa @paulmwesigma_amooti

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