Photographer Enrico Vaccaro presents model Oden Delargy at Models 1

“Living in a big city like London it’s hard to connect with nature. It’s all about

running, taking the tube, going to a meeting and slowly committing to a lifestyle

that rarely allows you to truly be around nature. Though London is huge, and we

have plenty of green and parks surrounding us all the time. All it takes is a little

bit of time to unplug, look around us and appreciate those green spaces. I

personally find them way more inspiring than steel and concrete. I took Oden to

Eltham Palace, and we ended up going to the stables petting the horses and

feeding carrots to the donkeys. It was such a blissful experience and made you

forget that you were still in London, although you could still see the skyscrapers

in Canary Warf and the Shard pointing at the sky from up the hill. “

Photography and Art Direction @enricovaccaro

Model Oden Delargy @models1