Ethical Menswear 


From the first of January 2020, Lewis will focus on ethical fashion. Ethical Fashion is an umbrella term to describe fashion that is ethical in all its areas. It covers a range of issues such as working conditions, fair trade, sustainable production, environmental effects, animal welfare and exploitation. This change will be reflected in all our platforms and mediums, such as our Instagram, our website and our printed magazines and we will promote sustainable brands and partners.


The interest in sustainability in fashion began when our editor, Claudio Harris, was preparing our AW18 edition on plastic pollution. Working closely with Greenpeace, the edition was dedicated to raise awareness on the plastic consumption and its colossal effects on the environment. The edition, titled Plastic Kills, launched on October 18th, 2018 successfully and sparked something in our editor. Lewis as a magazine present in many platforms has the power to bring forth matters of social and political nature, not just fashion. The lack of coverage and interest of other brands on the matter propelled Lewis to start the conversation. After our Plastic Kills edition, it was simply impossible to go back to a version of fashion that does not hold itself responsible for the environment and the people that carry out their work.


Hence, Lewis is changing the way the content is presented, with a more political view on the origin of products and fabrics and questioning the level of sustainability modern fashion possesses; Raising questions such as “Who made my clothes?”


LEWIS is a London based bi-annual style title, with a focus on ethical menswear, lifestyle,  and diversity.